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Available Dogs

In order to be ready when a dog is available, KARMA recommends that you complete our adoption application.  We work on approving applications as dogs become available in a specific areas.  We try to acknowledge receipt of applications when we are able, however, we are an all volunteer rescue who all work full time jobs, so we do ask for patience.



OSCAR:  He’s super sweet, high energy - would excel in Agility I think. He is wicked smart for a 10 month old puppy..  He came to KARMA via another rescue in the North Carolina area where he was owner surrendered due to allergies in his household.

He seems a little bit anxious - but for a young boy with so many life changes, it seems appropriate. He seems to get along with everyone- but hasn't been tested with cats. Would do best with a fenced yard to run in.  Will require an experienced and active Keeshond owner.



Would you like to give Millie a loving home? Millie has been with me (Denise) since September and while she still has issues, I think we have enough info to find the best home for her.

As most of you know Millie was abused by her previous male owner. She is very noise sensitive and still uneasy with men. She still barks at Joe and backs away from him after 5 months.  Millie is 5 years old.

She does have luxating patella’s on both legs and is sensitive to having her feet handled. Millie would do best as an only dog (although she may do well with another dog) and in a home with just women. Let me explain a bit. She likes other dogs - and mostly does well with them. Mille has no dog communication skills. She growls when she is fearful, when she tries to play and as a warning. Well, since Frolic (my puppy) has come home - she has been going after Lego anytime he corrects the puppy. It’s unclear if she’s being protective of the puppy , or just an Alpha bitch. 

She loves to be petted and would love to sit on the sofa with you! She has learned to play with toys and loves to play with them by herself. She’s fine sharing them - but she’s not a tigger or a retriever. She sometimes feels the need to be the play police when Frolic is retrieving his toys.

She is not a big begger at the table / she will sometimes sit by your side or under the table hoping you have a week moment. She loves treats and is very gentle taking them. She gladly takes treats from anyone - including men.

She doesn’t need to be kenneled (but is fine being in one) - she’s fully house broken and will paw at the door if she needs to go out. She’s never destroyed anything in my home. We have a platform bed - and she loves sleeping under it.

She is currently in MD and would welcome anyone to come meet her. I would consider a home with a male in it if they are committed to the amount of work it will take for her to learn to trust.




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